5 sites and apps to help you land your dream job quicker

Aside from LinkedIn and stalking the companies that interest you for job openings here is my selection of the top 5 sites and apps to help you land your dream job.


Side note a lot of companies offer internships/jobs only for recent grads or MBA candidates which sometimes could include an international opportunity.  Unilever, Heineken and Adidas are a few companies that offer such opportunities. If you fall into this category I highly recommend checking into this.

  1.  TheMuse.com

This will become your bible. New jobs are posted every day including internships and they also have great articles on career advice from résumé tips to how to ask for a raise.


  1. Idealist.org

If you are looking for a job or internship that gives back, check this job site out. New jobs are posted every day and continuously throughout the day. If you are a writer there usually are a lot of remote pro-bono opportunities that will help you grow your writing portfolio.


  1. Catchafire.org

This site is a great way to not only give back using your skills but increase your network and beef up that résumé and portfolio.  Do it solo or grab a friend. You will come across some amazing organizations that truly need your help and are appreciative for your work.


  1. Glassdoor.com

You will be asked most likely when interviewing what you would like for a salary, this site will help you answer this question. Glassdoor collects salary information from employees who work or have worked at companies around the U.S. This gives users a window into the average salary per job by location and at the respected listed companies. In addition you can find reviews of companies, interview questions HR reps have asked at said companies and job openings.


  1. Switch and Jobr (Apps)

Along with your daily Tinder swipes check out these job searching apps Jobr and Switch. Whether you are a fan of Tinder or not these apps leverage the ease swipe left/right  concept and it syncs with your LinkedIn profile.



Happy job hunting!


College grads, you will thank yourself later for taking these ten pieces of advice

1. Don’t rush.

We are given this plan of go to school, do well in school, get into a good college/university, graduate from said school and get a job to  start life. Wrong. This is life we are living it now and we really should focus on stuff we want to do and think about what makes us happy verses following this set path. We will thank ourselves later for taking the time to explore our interests and even other parts of the country to determine where we want to plant our roots.

2. Rome was not built in a day.

 If you know that you want to be an ABC and work at XYZ take small steps that will help you get to that goal. For example if you want to be  a teacher and can’t find a job in your hometown look for schools hiring out of state. This can apply to any profession. Experience is experience and that is something no one can take away from you.

3. Take that trip of your dreams.

Grab your sister, cousin, friend or heck go solo and take that “someday” trip.  It will not only give you a lot of memories but it will give you great stories and make yourself more interesting to strangers.

4. Be your own cheerleader.

Celebrate your wins and your fails. Don’t be afraid to open that bottle of champagne and celebrate alone.

5. Fall in love with yourself.

Every inch, every curve. You need to love yourself in order to truly live a successful and healthy life. Permission granted to stare in the mirror!

6. Go to the bar.

You will never find a cheaper networking event. EVER. And you will never be able to walk aimlessly to your favorite bars every week with at least 400 people you know in them.

7. Your best friend may not really be your best friend

Let go of toxic people in your life. And if that may even be your mom, don’t feel bad about limiting your calls home.

8. Try new things. Join a group or club.

 You might find out you actually like rock climbing. It is a great way to make new friends and or find a significant other!

9. Start a journal or a blog.

Write it down. Even a year down the road you are going to wish you wrote about where you were in life, what you accomplished and how you were feeling.

10. Set goals, even if it is just reading one book a month.

This will help you feel accomplished and grounded on your path to building your Roman empire.

rome tower 2