Dating and Job Hunting, Soul Suckers for Millennials

Job hunting and dating have a lot in common especially if you are a millennial.

In the U.S. there is a 7.7% unemployment rate for young adults (18-34) and 68% of those young adults are single. Finding a job and a partner have become very similar journeys through hell.  The struggle is real.

Five ways dating and job hunting are two in the same.

  1. Ghosting

Dating: The guy or girl you were messaging with just disappears off the face of the earth like a ghost. You then know they are not interested.

Job Hunting: The HR recruiter who you have had polite intercourse with over the past few weeks whether through email or phone, never responds to your last follow-up.

  1. Only want one thing and one thing only

Dating: Simple word here, sex or free pizza if up on the Tinder trends. Once they find out you are not game for these options they Ghost as stated above.

Job Hunting: A cheap body. They want someone who can get the job done for the lowest salary.

  1. The one night stand, similar to ghosting but oh so much worse

Dating: You have a really great date, I mean you saw fireworks and then next few days you hear nothing. Desperate of course to follow-up, you text and call. Occasionally you will receive the “oh, I have been busy.”

Job Hunting: You have a stellar interview, just wow. You patted yourself on the back like a rock star after.  You follow-up with the recruiter and the interviewer and for weeks hear nothing. Then you receive a response from the recruiter stating they are still interviewing or that they have decided to go in another direction.

  1. Too career oriented

Dating:  (Men this can also apply to you!)You are an independent woman, great job and want to move and grow with your career. Guy you have been dating expresses that woman should be at home to take care of the children and as a family we should focus on HIS career. When you disagree he responds with you are too Alpha for me.

Job hunting: Especially and unfortunately when interviewing with a female, the company sees you as a threat instead of value. They want someone who will be satisfied working beneath them as long as possible. They also do not want to be a stepping stone, they want commitment to THEM.

  1. Word vomit

Dating: Yes, my ex-boyfriend he was a nut job, I threw all his shit out my apartment window. Oh, that was way too much information that must be the wine talking.

Job hunting: I left my current employer due to the toxic working environment. My manager slept with my best friend in another department…..

Enough said. At least we know we are not alone in the struggle with most of us unemployed and searching for love and work.

Our $100 a night view compliments of our Airbnb host.

10 Europe Traveling Tips

Planning a last minute holiday trip to Europe? My sister and I traveled to Europe for a week last year for NYE and I have listed some quick tips below.

  1. Bring a debit card and credit card  with a security chip that has a low foreign conversion fee

Do not bring American Express, there will be no point. In my experience hardly anyone accepted American Express and if the business accepts credit cards they will only accept those with the security chip. I used  a barclaycard while abroad.

2. Pack a small suite case

We have this image in our head that backpacking through Europe actually means carrying a giant backpack on our backs. I am hear to tell you that Europeans also travel through Europe and America and guess what they use, suitcases. Pack a small one though, especially if you plan to use transportation. Luggage space is not the standard American size, it is much smaller.

3. Gone are the days of traveler checks, bring cash!

You are not in America anymore and a great deal of places do not accept credit cards, even large restaurants! Depending on excursions you have planned I would suggest you bring a $100 Euro a day. Plan accordingly and do not carry all of your cash on you. Use your credit card when you can to avoid using your precious cash.

4. Less is more.

Since you will be traveling with a small suitcase, do not worry. You do not want to bring many clothes and other items as you will want room for souvenirs. Bring scarves to help re-use outfits and go ahead and wear those pants three times in a row, I will not tell.

5. The grocery store is the best souvenir shop you will find

The markets cater to locals so you will find a good selection of candies and chocolates and or other boxed goods that might catch your eye.

Picking out souvenirs from street vendors can also be a good deal. If you choose to go this route as something really catches your eye, move away from the vendor and pull out the exact amount of money for the particular item or what you are proposing to pay. Keep that money in your hand or in your  pocket. You do not want to show the vendor where you keep your money and always have your hand on your bag and ensure it is  completely closed. You can also haggle with vendors, less chance if you speak English so knowing how to ask for something in another language such as Spanish  will help you in this case. My sister and I purchased light up Eiffel towers from street vendors ironically under the Eiffel tower. These items were not sold in the gift shops and with the help of some Spanish key phrases we got them down in price.

6. Electronics, to bring or not to bring.


If you plan to make phone calls home, it is better to buy a pre-paid phone when you get there. Otherwise if you are planning to bring a smartphone you can download skype or an app such as Viber or Whatsapp to communicate with family members for free just make sure you sort out international internet charges with your provider prior.


I would definitely say yes, because the photos will be of better quality than on your phone. Just remember to keep a close watch on it and if possible back the photos up each time you have an available internet connection. Nothing will break your heart more than losing photos of this once in a lifetime trip.

Also, if bringing electronics that need to be charged remember to bring an adapter. They are not as easy to find once you are there as you would think.

7. Small sized journal and pen

Prior to your journey write down important information, such as hotel addresses, who to call in an emergency, travel insurance information, destination addresses, restaurants you would like to try..etc.. If you have to take a taxi or get lost it will help tremendously to be able to show the the location of your destination. Also, I would recommend making a short entry each night, things you think you will not forget will begin to fade over time.

8. Infity Zippered Travel scarf

You can purchase these on Etsy, and although some are expensive for a scarf I would use this over a money belt any day. This is great to hide your passport while at the airport and even when just running errands in your local neck of the woods.

9. Airbnb

When taking a once in a lifetime trip, staying in a hotel does not do it for me. I have used Airbnb a few times now and it completely restored my faith in humanity and allowed me to feel like a local.  We stayed in a small flat in Paris for only a $100 a night that included a view of the Eiffel Tower. This is definitely worth checking out first over a hotel.

Our $100 a night view compliments of our Airbnb host.
Our $100 a night view compliments of our Airbnb host.

10. Language Skills

You will be in another country so it is best to learn some words and phrases in the local language. I recommend Duolingo a free app and italki. Italki offers online lessons in a variety of languages for a lot less than you would think.

Of course it goes without saying, do your research.,, and if planning on taking any transportation while in Europe check out Also, look for deals! If planned in advance you can find some good flight deals helping make your Europe trip even cheaper than some travel destinations in the U.S.

Happy Traveling!

About those promises…and 2015 resolutions its not too late to start

About those promises we keep and make to ourselves. How are yours going because I definitely did not keep mine. My last post I mentioned how I would post a blog at least once a week. Its been more than a few weeks but don’t give up on me yet, because here I am!

I know that I will not complete some of my New Year resolutions and I have become at peace with that however, I am starting to work on several as it is never too late! That being said get ready for some more posts!

Haven’t started on those New Year Resolutions yet? Don’t worry you still have time. Check out these 2015 New Year Resolutions you need to add to your list.

  1. Get that booty in shape!
Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed
Dorsey Shaw / BuzzFeed

Want a butt like Kim Kardashian check out Kim’s workout routine

  1. Just let it go.

frozen let it go

Let all the bullshit go and live your life.

  1. Start a blog! Everyone is doing it including Taylor Swift (and me!) and if looking for a job it seems a must have these days.
  1. Shake it off.

taylor shake it off

Take advice from TSwift herself and don’t let the haters get you down the rest of the year.

  1. Overcome hurdles with a smile. Even in your darkest moments.
woman mastectomy surgery dances
Woman about to undergo mastectomy surgery dances with her surgeons.
  1. Follow strict birth control methods (if not trying).


  1. Love your body and love your-self.
Epic / Via
Epic / Via
  1. Learn to code especially if you want to keep up with elementary school kids.
President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Sasha and Malia, and Marian Robinson participate in the National Christmas Tree lighting on the Ellipse in Washington, D.C., Dec. 4, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
Girls with the use of Google’s Made with Code program digitally lit up the state and regional holiday trees. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)
  1. Get some identity protection.

identity theft

Identity Thief all made us think and then with both Target and Home Depot being hacked last year.

How to Wear your Support in Honor of World Elephant Day

Wondering how you can show your support for World Elephant Day and help these intelligent and magnificent creatures? Check out the below:

  1., buy a cool t-shirt, sign a petition against the selling of Ivory and or make a donation. All proceeds from the t-shirts go to the Wildlife Conservation Society’s campaign 96 Elephants.
  2. Ivory Ella, also provides access to cool t-shirts, as well as necklaces, hoodies or beautiful phone cases. A portion of the proceeds go to

ella phone casesPhone cases by Ivory Ella.

3.World Elephant Day, calling all artists! The Nature Conservancy is providing a great way for children and the child in all of us to get involved. They are asking supporters to get creative in showing their support by sculpting, drawing etc. an elephant. Sign the pledge and or submit your artwork and remember to share on social media!

4.Sevenly, is also offering an Elephant printed tee in a variety of cuts for both men and women. Profits are donated to the World Wildlife Fund.

sevenly tshirtIn love with this tee from Sevenly.

It is up to us to help save these magnificent creatures and other wildlife. If you care, show your support even if just sharing on your social media.

Keep on dreaming!

A promise…as Christmas in July has passed

New Years is a sign of relief to some, a way to start fresh in the coming year. To ensure we do this we draft up resolutions, promises to ourselves. The months go by, some quicker than others and we are left with regret. We didn’t keep that promise(s) to ourselves. As some chose to celebrate Christmas in July, we should all choose to celebrate in dusting off those resolutions and giving them a second life.

One of my many resolutions had been to start this blog, something I had actually procrastinated on for years even though I want and love to write.Throughout the day I come up with topics and write them in my head, not sharing ever with anyone. I didn’t have the inner courage or patience it seemed to make the time to sit down and write them all out to share with the world. Some thoughts I will continue to keep to myself others I will share here. Today to whoever reads this I am making a promise to write a post at least once a week.I am also going to dust off several other resolutions I had intended to keep.

We must change and challenge ourselves to continue to grow and evolve into the best versions of our self. We as humans though struggle though with our hectic schedules and tend to always put things off. I would love to know what you have been putting off and hopefully this encourages you to take another look at those new years resolutions!

5 sites and apps to help you land your dream job quicker

Aside from LinkedIn and stalking the companies that interest you for job openings here is my selection of the top 5 sites and apps to help you land your dream job.


Side note a lot of companies offer internships/jobs only for recent grads or MBA candidates which sometimes could include an international opportunity.  Unilever, Heineken and Adidas are a few companies that offer such opportunities. If you fall into this category I highly recommend checking into this.


This will become your bible. New jobs are posted every day including internships and they also have great articles on career advice from résumé tips to how to ask for a raise.



If you are looking for a job or internship that gives back, check this job site out. New jobs are posted every day and continuously throughout the day. If you are a writer there usually are a lot of remote pro-bono opportunities that will help you grow your writing portfolio.



This site is a great way to not only give back using your skills but increase your network and beef up that résumé and portfolio.  Do it solo or grab a friend. You will come across some amazing organizations that truly need your help and are appreciative for your work.



You will be asked most likely when interviewing what you would like for a salary, this site will help you answer this question. Glassdoor collects salary information from employees who work or have worked at companies around the U.S. This gives users a window into the average salary per job by location and at the respected listed companies. In addition you can find reviews of companies, interview questions HR reps have asked at said companies and job openings.


  1. Switch and Jobr (Apps)

Along with your daily Tinder swipes check out these job searching apps Jobr and Switch. Whether you are a fan of Tinder or not these apps leverage the ease swipe left/right  concept and it syncs with your LinkedIn profile.



Happy job hunting!


College grads, you will thank yourself later for taking these ten pieces of advice

1. Don’t rush.

We are given this plan of go to school, do well in school, get into a good college/university, graduate from said school and get a job to  start life. Wrong. This is life we are living it now and we really should focus on stuff we want to do and think about what makes us happy verses following this set path. We will thank ourselves later for taking the time to explore our interests and even other parts of the country to determine where we want to plant our roots.

2. Rome was not built in a day.

 If you know that you want to be an ABC and work at XYZ take small steps that will help you get to that goal. For example if you want to be  a teacher and can’t find a job in your hometown look for schools hiring out of state. This can apply to any profession. Experience is experience and that is something no one can take away from you.

3. Take that trip of your dreams.

Grab your sister, cousin, friend or heck go solo and take that “someday” trip.  It will not only give you a lot of memories but it will give you great stories and make yourself more interesting to strangers.

4. Be your own cheerleader.

Celebrate your wins and your fails. Don’t be afraid to open that bottle of champagne and celebrate alone.

5. Fall in love with yourself.

Every inch, every curve. You need to love yourself in order to truly live a successful and healthy life. Permission granted to stare in the mirror!

6. Go to the bar.

You will never find a cheaper networking event. EVER. And you will never be able to walk aimlessly to your favorite bars every week with at least 400 people you know in them.

7. Your best friend may not really be your best friend

Let go of toxic people in your life. And if that may even be your mom, don’t feel bad about limiting your calls home.

8. Try new things. Join a group or club.

 You might find out you actually like rock climbing. It is a great way to make new friends and or find a significant other!

9. Start a journal or a blog.

Write it down. Even a year down the road you are going to wish you wrote about where you were in life, what you accomplished and how you were feeling.

10. Set goals, even if it is just reading one book a month.

This will help you feel accomplished and grounded on your path to building your Roman empire.

rome tower 2